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The Aktrea Gameplan Library

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How does the Aktrea Gameplan library compare with traditional mandatory learning systems ?

Let's take a quick look


Practice makes perfect. Empathy creates deeper learning. With these, we try and make the learning experience more hands-on.

Gameplan Approach Traditional eLearning Approach
Learning & awareness games
Roleplay Simulations
Learning Community

As we increasingly reach out to the network for our communication needs, and to share our experiences, why should learning be any different? Aktrea Gameplan allows for a richer sharing experience.

Gameplan Approach Traditional eLearning Approach
Sharing Stories
Collaborate to generate ideas
Team-based learning

Technology always brings with it more features. But here, we have used technology to change the game. The Library is defining a new way of looking at online learning.

Gameplan Approach Traditional eLearning Approach
Logo (auto upload) Some systems
Team-based learning
Multiple Devices

Our learning games and simulations are created by tools that allow for taking in all content formats, and sharing it in an engaging manner.

Gameplan Approach Traditional eLearning Approach
Traditional eLearning
Multiple traditional formats: pdf, links etc
Content decided by peer group
Design Thinking tool
Library some systems
Reporting & Assessment

No more the one-dimensional – “take a quiz and show completion” – here, there are interesting, varied and interactive assessment types based on the kind of learning. The feedback loop is detailed.

Gameplan Approach Traditional eLearning Approach
Completion tracking
Scoring - multiple dimensions
Over 15 Assessment types
Learner Dashboard
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